HOW TO: Backup WHM Reseller To NAS Drive

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One of the most common yet under-used backup storage space often which has no monthly payments is available right under your nose. One of the most common storage spaces in peoples houses now are Network Attached Storage Devices. Often containing several terrabytes of storage space. The majority of these include several features to keep your documents accessible and safe at all times.

  • Redundancy (RAID)
  • Large Amounts Of Storage
  • Easily Accessible (Downstairs In The Cupboard Inside Your HOUSE!)
  • DropBox/Cloud Synchronisation.

and for what we are most happy about

  • Remote FTP Access

Remote FTP access will allow the server to automatically upload backups directly onto your NAS drive. With just a little bit of configuration your NAS drive will be able to store all your cPanel / WHM Backups securely.

To configure you may have to login to the web administrator panel for your NAS drive and enable FTP storage including setting up a secure username and password the server can login as. You may also need to forward port 21 on your router to the NAS drive. For more information please visit