HOW TO: Transfer Reseller To Another Server

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Migrating reseller accounts from one server to another has always been a slow and arduous when you don’t have root access on the existing web host server. There have been numerous requests to cPanel to include such a feature to resolve this problem all without success.
cPBackup offers a simpler approach:

Simple To Follow Guide

  • Upload cPBackup files to your website.
  • Run cPBackup via a cronjob.
  • Create backups transferring them via FTP/SCP to the new server.
  • SSH to the new server as root.
  • Move the backups to /home/.


You now have the option of restoring them via the GUI in the WebHostManager when logged in as root or via SSH using the /scripts/restorepkg function built into cPanel. Once all your accounts have been restored run the following command to remove all backups from the /home/ directory using the command below.

Rm –rf /home/backup-*.tar.gz

More Info

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