A great way for resellers to backup their clients.

cPBackup is the best method to backup cPanel / WHM reseller accounts to an offsite server.

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Current Version 1.8 - Release Notes


cPBackup Highlights

  • 5 Minute Installation.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Supports FTP, PassiveFTP, Home Directory, SCP & Dropbox.
  • Host cPBackup On Your Own Website.
  • cPanel/WHM Reseller Required
  • No Special Permissions Needed.

Protect Your Reseller Accounts

Are you currently using a cPanel / WHM Reseller account?

cPanel / WHM Reseller accounts allow you to hand over the control and cost of managing a dedicated server to a web host and their team of experts. But this leaves the entire fate of your websites and online businesses to others.

cPBackup allows you to take back control, automating the backup process. Allowing you to store backups of all your accounts in a location of your choice and at the time you desire.

Data Backup & Restoration

Built upon cPanel’s official API, cPBackup securely authenticates into your reseller account retrieving  cPanel to generate a full backup of every cPanel account within your reseller. These backups are generated by cPanel, and contain everything you need in order to restore and move your account between cPanel servers.


Security is built into the framework of cPBackup. We take every step we can to ensure cPBackup protects your information and data.

cPBackup is hosted on your own WHM reseller account, no usernames or passwords are ever passed over to us and when authenticating with your WHM reseller account. cPBackup always attempts to use SSL protocols when available encrypting the data being passed between cPBackup and your WHM reseller account.

News & Updates

Wiki Outage

It was pointed out that the mediawiki containing all the guides and how-to’s on using cPBackup appeared to have no content on it. This was caused by a bug within the MediaWiki script and PCRE 8.

Version 1.8 Overhaul

This version of cPBackup is a stepping stone to allow us to better support modules such as Dropbox and in the future Amazon S3.

A Little Update

Hi Pete here, Just thought I’d give you a little update with what is going on at cPBackup.
Currently version 1.