Wiki Outage

It was pointed out that the mediawiki containing all the guides and how-to’s on using cPBackup appeared to have no content on it. This was caused by a bug within the MediaWiki script and PCRE 8.34. The MediaWiki installation has now been upgraded to the latest version restoring all the content. Visit here for more information about this bug.

Version 1.8 Overhaul

This version of cPBackup is a stepping stone to allow us to better support modules such as Dropbox and in the future Amazon S3.

[MODIFIED] cPBackup has been separated out into a few more files to help reduce repeating code with the modules.
[MODIFIED] The configuration file set-up has been modified.

A Little Update

Hi Pete here, Just thought I’d give you a little update with what is going on at cPBackup.
Currently version 1.8 is used to separate out some of the common functionality we use in between cPBackup and the Dropbox module.

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