Version 1.8 Overhaul

This version of cPBackup is a stepping stone to allow us to better support modules such as Dropbox and in the future Amazon S3.

  • [MODIFIED] cPBackup has been separated out into a few more files to help reduce repeating code with the modules.
  • [MODIFIED] The configuration file set-up has been modified.
  • [MODIFIED] Dropbox has been merged into the main script for easier set-up.
  • [MODIFIED] The rules file has been overhauled and now supports success messages for more languages.
  • [ADDED] An output_debug option has been added for Dropbox.
  • [ADDED] Better debug information (See the bottom of the configuration file).
  • [ADDED] We have created an index.html file.
  • [ADDED] You can now encrypt the configuration.php file (For More Information Visit https://www.cpbackup.info/configuration-encryption/).
  • [BUG FIX] Several Dropbox bug fixes resolved.

You can download the latest version of cPBackup at http://www.cpbackup.info/download/