Current Version 1.8 - Release Notes

cPBackup Addon: DropBox

DropBox is a popular Cloud Storage provider which is cheap and reliable. One of our many requests is to provide a function to upload backups to DropBox, well here it is!

NOTE: This is still under development and should not be used for production servers. A list of bugs are available at http://www.cpbackup.info/tracker/.

How It Works

cPBackup temporarily uploads your backups to an FTP account on your reseller. The DropBox addon is then run via CronJob and uploads your backups to your DropBox account. The backups on the FTP account are then automatically deleted. Voila!

How To Install

  • 1. Create a New Account inside your WHM Reseller Account. (This will be used to temporarily store the backups before upload to DropBox).
  • 2. Download cPBackup from http://www.cpbackup.info/download/.
  • 3. Install cPBackup as per http://www.cpbackup.info/wiki/Installation.
  • 4. Configuring cPBackup (More details can be found at http://www.cpbackup.info/wiki/Configuration)
    – Set cPBackup to backup your reseller account to an FTP folder on the New account you have created.
    – Ensure you exclude the New Account you have created from being backed up.
  • 5. Create a CronJob
    php -q /home/CPANELUSERNAME/public_html/FOLDER/run_dropbox.php

We recommend running the DropBox Uploader at least an hour after running cPBackup depending on the amount of accounts and server performance this time may vary.

  • 9. Initial Run Only – In your browser go to “http://www.yourwebsite.com/FOLDER/run_dropbox.php” and follow the on screen instructions to authorise cPBackup to upload to your DropBox account.