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Hi :)

So I've decided that the MediaWiki help page that has been in use for the past few years was not very user friendly to edit and also caused an extended period of time where users couldn't actually see the content..... Therefore after spending a little time searching for the best alternative I've landed with phpMyFAQ. Its a pretty stable system that is constantly under development by the looks of it.

All the content has been shifted accross and updated, as some of it had not been revised between version releases. Each version now has its own category to reduce the amount of confusion, this is needed because Version 1.8 will be able to be downloaded in addition to Version 1.9 and above this is because currently Version 1.9 does not have Dropbox support included and I therefore understand that some users have become dependant on it to support their backups.

If anyone finds any bugs with cPBackup or the website, or has any questions please get in contact with me or open a new question on the guides homepage.


2016-03-21 22:39

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