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  • Version 1.8: Version 1.8 - Configuration Guide
    Answer: Open up the file configuration.php in Notepad. Enter in your details as follows Configuration Settings Explained $licensekey = "PRO-1234567890"; $contact_email = "you@yoursite.com"; Once you have registered for a license key ...
  • Version 1.8: Version 1.8 - How Do I Perform A Backup?
    Answer: Manually Via Your Browser Go to http://www.yoursite.com/folder/run.php in your browser.Depending on the amount of accounts being backed up and the settings in your configuration.php file this ...
  • Change Log: Version 1.8 Change Log
    Answer: This version of cPBackup is a stepping stone to allow us to better support modules such as Dropbox and in the future Amazon S3. We are ...

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