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Version 1.8 - How Do I Perform A Backup?

Manually Via Your Browser

Go to http://www.yoursite.com/folder/run.php in your browser.
Depending on the amount of accounts being backed up and the settings in your configuration.php file this may take some time. Please ensure you do not press stop, close your browser or navigate away from this page while it is backing up otherwise accounts may be missed.

Due to settings set by the server within PHP's settings, this may timeout. We recommend running the backups via Cron job to ensure they run correctly. See our page on Troubleshooting.

Automatically Via Cron Job

1. Login to your cPanel account.

2. Click "Cron Jobs".

3.On the common settings drop down choose the time and interval you want the backups to run.

4.In the command type the following.

php -q /home/CPANELUSERNAME/public_html/FOLDER/run.php

Replacing CPANELUSERNAME and FOLDER with your cPanel username and the folder in which the cPBackup script is hosted.

5. Click "Add New Cron Job".

To run Dropbox perform the same steps replacing run.php with run_dropbox.php. We recommend running Dropbox Upload several hours after running cPBackup if there are lots of large accounts.

Any problems with the backup please visit our Troubleshooting guide.

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