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How do I install cPBackup?

1. Signup for a free cPBackup license at https://www.cpbackup.info/billing/order/

2, Download the latest version of cPBackup from http://www.cpbackup.info/download/

3. Extract the ZIP file using a program such as WinRar or 7Zip etc.

4. Upload the all the files and folders to /public_html/folder/ on a cpanel account of your choosing.

Version 1.9 or above

5. Login to cPanel and create a MySQL Database & Username and assign both together with a minimum permissions of CREATE, DELETE, SELECT, DROP, INSERT & UPDATE. Ensure you remember the database name, username and password as this will be required in the next step.

5. Visit http://www.yourwebsite.com/folder/install.php and follow the on-screen instructions.

Version 1.8

5. Follow the configuration guide.

Once you have completed the installation you just need to visit our Configuration FAQ to show you how to enter in your details.

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