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Version 1.8 Change Log

  • This version of cPBackup is a stepping stone to allow us to better support modules such as Dropbox and in the future Amazon S3.
  • We are aware of several issues related to large accounts being uploaded to Dropbox causing the script to time out. We are looking into this issue and hope to have something put together soon. If you experience this please do get in contact with us as it appears to differ from server to server.
  • [MODIFIED] cPBackup has been seperated out into a few more files to help reduce repeating code with the modules.
  • [MODIFIED] The configuration file setup has been modified.
  • [MODIFIED] Dropbox has been merged into the main script for easier setup.
  • [MODIFIED] The rules file has been overhauled and now supports success messages for more languages.
  • [ADDED] An output_debug option has been added for Dropbox. 
  • [ADDED] Better debug information (See the bottom of the configuration file).
  • [ADDED] We have created an index.html file.
  • [ADDED] You can now encrypt the configuration.php file.
  • [BUG FIX] Several Dropbox bug fixes resolved.
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2016-03-23 19:35
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